21st Invitations, D

21st Birthday Invitations Design and Create. They are al handmade with nothing but Human fingers! This was a fun job! The girl is an absolute comic book fan and she wanted a formal invitation to match her dress and decoration plans and she is having a 1 meter squared batman signal cake! How cool is that…She was great to work with!

Army- DCO Play group book



Australian Army DCO – Play group Australia, Brisbane, Enogerra Barracks

This was great fun because it actually involved my daughter to..!! Her artistic ability certainly came in use. I was asked by a Director of family relations to help with separation during deployment in The Australian Army. Since my husband is in the Army I found this to be a close to home type job. It was volunteer work of course for a play group for 1-5 year olds.

My daughter and I got to work on ideas and she being responsible for most of them I should say! I wanted it to be realistic and speak from a child point of view and It absolutely does!!

We have since had the book printed and distributed through out the base for use in kids reading groups, services and play.