Sparrow Blue


I did this Logo Design , Sparrow blue is an online kids store Making vintage style girly dresses, rompers for little ones, reusable snack bags and heaps more cute stuff. Available on Instagram as well @sparrowbluedesign Check out the cool speed up video of the final logo being painted.




Passion Parties

Passion Parties BRANDING

Logo, Business card Brochure and Stationary Design. I worked for a while with this company and found them to be fun and very interesting. I’ve been asked to continue with upcoming work and cant wait!

Full colour 24page Product catalogue Design and print sourcing. The printing was done and delivered to the Manager and I got an excited call! They are super happy with how it turned out and that’s why I love my job!!

For a great and cheeky night Check them out

21st Invitations, D

21st Birthday Invitations Design and Create. They are al handmade with nothing but Human fingers! This was a fun job! The girl is an absolute comic book fan and she wanted a formal invitation to match her dress and decoration plans and she is having a 1 meter squared batman signal cake! How cool is that…She was great to work with!

Army- DCO Play group book



Australian Army DCO – Play group Australia, Brisbane, Enogerra Barracks

This was great fun because it actually involved my daughter to..!! Her artistic ability certainly came in use. I was asked by a Director of family relations to help with separation during deployment in The Australian Army. Since my husband is in the Army I found this to be a close to home type job. It was volunteer work of course for a play group for 1-5 year olds.

My daughter and I got to work on ideas and she being responsible for most of them I should say! I wanted it to be realistic and speak from a child point of view and It absolutely does!!

We have since had the book printed and distributed through out the base for use in kids reading groups, services and play.